Enjoy The Bible Ministries Gospel Tracts

What Are Enjoy The Bible Ministries Gospel Tracts?
First of all, EBM Gospel Tracts are a set of 20 SOUND gospel tracts.  (These are currently out of print.) They are sound because the message of each tract is clear and plain with respect to “the gospel of Christ.” This is especially so regarding the issue of what it means to “believe in Jesus” for justification unto eternal life. God’s sole requirement of faith alone in Christ alone as one’s all-sufficient Savior is not misstated, perverted, or muddled up, by means of any erroneous or defective terminology. Misleading and truth-perverting gospel clichés that imply or directly make works a requirement for justification, (such as ‘Turn from your sins and accept Christ,’ ‘Invite Jesus into your heart,’ ‘Give your heart and life to the Lord,’ ‘Make Jesus the Lord of your life,’ and others like them), are not used. Rather the clarity and purity of the gospel of justification by grace through faith without works of any kind at any time is firmly stood for, and clearly set forth. However, EBM Gospel Tracts are also UNIQUE. They are unique especially in the sense that each one is written to specifically address and deal with a person at one or more of the major volition testing points that are contained in “the gospel of Christ.”
Enjoy The Bible Ministries Gospel Tracts
This 40 page booklet is written to assist you in using our 20 Gospel Tracts, explaining the 7 major volition testing points taught in Romans. (Available at our Bookstore)
There are 7 major volition testing points contained within “the gospel of Christ.” They are progressively encountered one after the other as one proceeds through the gospel from Romans 1:16 to 3:26. The points begin with the testing of a person’s volition regarding the basic light of God Consciousness, and proceed on until the volition is confronted with the truth of “the redemption which is in Christ Jesus” and the issue of believing in the Lord Jesus Christ as one’s all-sufficient Savior for justification in God’s sight. Simply listed, the 7 major points are as follows:
  1. God Consciousness (Romans 1:18-20)
  2. Wrath Consciousness (Romans 1:18-32)
  3. Self Defense of Relative Righteousness (Romans 2:1-11)
  4. Self Defense of Extenuating Circumstances (Romans 2:12-29)
  5. Stubborn Negative Responses (Romans 3:1-8)
  6. Full Prosecution of being “Under Sin” and “Guilty Before God” (Romans 3:9-20)
  7. The Good News of “The Redemption That Is In Christ Jesus” (Romans 3:21-26)
Now it is important to understand that every unjustified person is responding negatively to God at one or more of these 7 volition testing points. Hence the truths of “the gospel of Christ” are going to challenge the thinking of a man and thereby test his volition in connection with at least one, if not more, of these 7 points. This booklet was written to assist in using our 20 Gospel Tracts, explaining the 7 major volition testing points. Even though our 20 Gospel Tracts are no longer in print, this booklet is a great introduction to the 7 volition testing points.
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