Bible “Mini-Series”


In accordance with what Godliness is all about, God has designed for His word to effectually work within us and for it to accomplish some very specific things in our Christian lives. This study examines both the fundamental reality of this and just how it is that God’s word effectually works within us to accomplish what He has designed it to do, as we believe the specific doctrines that He has given to us in this dispensation.


There are six particular times in our epistles that the Apostle Paul introduces a doctrine with the expression, “I would not have you to be ignorant brethren.” By so doing, Paul underscores that it is essential to understand and appreciate the doctrines he is dealing with. To be ignorant of them is going to cause problems, particularly in view of the fact that each of these six doctrines is a favorite target of attack in the Satanic policy of evil against us. Hence, they truly are Essential Doctrines to understand and appreciate.


Godliness – the objective of the edification process – is the subject of this 3-hour study. The fundamentals of godliness are examined, including:

What Godliness Is;
The Mystery of Godliness;
The Evolution of Man’s Ungodliness; and

Christian Ungodliness.

An Introduction to the

The English language is one of the most expressive languages on earth. Its vocabulary is very rich, as is its capacity to make highly meaningful use of its vocabulary through varied structure and style. Though this is still true today, it was unparalleled in the ‘Golden Age’ of English, during which time the King James Bible was brought forth.


The effectual working of God’s word in our life concerning the issue of personal tribulation and understanding the fundamental dispensational distinction of God’s operation in a Christian’s life when it comes to circumstantial issues.


This study focuses on the doctrine taught in I Corinthians chapter 4:8-17. If we truly follow the pattern for godly living that is set before us in our apostle Paul, we are not going to be popular people in this world; we will be thought of “as the filth of this world” and “the offscouring of all things.”


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