Negative Responses (Romans 3:1-8)

The following 2 tracts are specifically designed to deal with ones who have stubbornly responded with indifference, disdain, scoffing, closed ears, dishonesty of heart, and the like, to previous attempts to tell them about “the gospel of Christ.”


2015-02-06_191953 Is Your Damnation Just? This tract focuses upon the fact that the reader is indeed headed for eternal damnation, in spite of his negative response. It appeals to him to consider again what “the gospel of Christ” declares, for every moment he remains in unbelief he is in jeopardy of receiving the very damnation he is trying so hard to deny. And sooner or later it will be too late. (Available at our Bookstore)
2015-02-06_192038 Is This Talking About You? In similar fashion to the previous tract, this tract also focuses upon the fact that the reader is headed for eternal damnation. In view of what Paul says in Romans 3:8, it asks the reader whether he qualifies as one to whom Paul would declare, “whose damnation is just.” It then briefly describes what damnation from God is like, and appeals to the reader to reconsider his negative response to the gospel before it is too late. (Available at our Bookstore)