The Good News of “The Redemption That Is In Christ Jesus” (Romans 3:21-26)

These 6 tracts are specifically designed to deal with this, the final volition testing point to “the gospel of Christ” when it comes to the issue of being justified unto eternal life in God’s sight. Two of the tracts deal with this issue in a general sense, while the remaining four are a special set of tracts that specifically address and expose some of the commonly used truth-perverting gospel clichés in effect today.

2015-02-06_194043 It’s Not Too Good To Be True; But It Surely Is Too Good To Be Missed This particular tract focuses upon the issue of resistance to the fact that God truly does justify a person in response to faith alone.All too often this is the point at which a person opposes the gospel. The natural tendency of the flesh, along with the numerous perversions of the gospel that exist, team up in a person’s mind to make him balk at the idea that faith, and faith alone, in Christ as one’s all-sufficient Savior is all that God requires for justification in His sight. The thinking is that that’s just too good to be true, and therefore it simply can’t be true. God must require more than that.This tract deals with 2 of the most common reasons why a person thinks that justification by faith alone is ‘too good to be true’; 1.) his failure to truly understand and appreciate that the Lord Jesus Christ ‘did it all’ when He functioned as our substitute-Redeemer; and 2.) his failure to also understand and appreciate that God’s Perfect Justice can only accept a non-meritorious response for justification in His sight, and that non-meritorious response can only be faith.Upon dealing with these two issues, this tract concludes with an appeal for the reader to realize that justification by grace through faith alone is not ‘too good to be true’ after all. Instead it is the only way anyone can ever be justified unto eternal life. There is no other way. It then beseeches the reader to acknowledge this truth and to have faith alone in Christ alone. (Available at our Bookstore)
2015-02-06_194123 But What About These Verses? This tract also deals with the difficulty some have with the doctrine of justification by grace through faith alone. However the difficulty factor dealt with in this tract is the one that exists when a person fails to “rightly divide the word of truth” and also fails to honestly deal with the context of a verse or passage. Hence the focus in this tract is upon some verses in the Scripture that people commonly appeal to, thinking that they teach that there are some works after all that must be done in order to be justified in God’s sight. These verses usually come from the portion of the Scriptures pertaining to God’s program with Israel, especially from the Gospel accounts and the book of Acts. In addition they most often pertain to something other than justification unto eternal life, though people commonly fail to realize this due to poor Bible handling.This tract looks at only a few of the more commonly mishandled and misunderstood verses. But in doing this it underscores the fact that justification unto eternal life really is by grace through faith alone, just as “the gospel of Christ” says. (Available at our Bookstore)

In view of the common perversions of “the gospel of Christ” that exist today due to the frequent use of misleading and erroneous gospel clichés, there is an additional special set of 4 larger sized tracts for this final volition testing point. Each one of these 4 larger sized tracts deals with one of the 4 most common truth-perverting gospel clichés that people hear today.

The full text of these tracts can be viewed under the “Gospel Cliche” section of our website.

 2015-02-06_204008  Telling Someone To
“Give Your Heart and Life to the Lord”
A Perversion of The Gospel of Christ
 2015-02-06_203303  Telling Someone To
“Turn From Your Sins and Receive Jesus Christ into Your Heart”
A Perversion of The Gospel of Christ
2015-02-06_204329  Telling Someone To
“Make Jesus The Lord Of Your Life”
A Perversion of The Gospel of Christ
 2015-02-06_204613  Telling Someone To
“Invite Jesus into Your Heart”
A Perversion of The Gospel of Christ

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