What’s New

The new website is up and running but not complete. Articles from our publication, “The Enjoy The Bible Quarterly,” still need to be posted as well as audio clips from the “Bible Mini-series” and a few video clips.

The Bookstore is “back to normal” which incorporates a new handling experience. It has both “Mobile Site” and “Full Site” viewing modes. The “Mobile Site” is automatically detected when viewing the Bookstore on a smart phone or tablet giving the user stream-lined access. However, the “Full Site” mode can always be selected and is the default for desktop users.


Many folks have requested that our T-shirts be made available once again and also have the “Studying The Bible” timeline printed on a variety of mugs. While we are looking into reviving the T-shirt product we have found a vendor to supply, print and ship a variety of mugs directly to you without having to wait.

Our CafePress storefront can be found at the following link:


We hope you enjoy them.

Right Division, Apostle Paul, Dispensation of the Grace of God